Objectives of the Bureau

The objectives of the Bureau are as follows-

(a)      To investigate economic crimes and take legal action

(b)     To investigate malpractices of the public servants and take legal action

(c)      To collect intelligence for national Security

(d)     To serve for the interest of the State

The Bureau is discharging its duties according to the National Security Policy of Ministry of Home Affairs which is “To Create State Security by Enforcement of the Administrative. Authority, Law Enforcement, peace and Development”.

(6) Duties and Function of the Bureau

The Bureau of Special Investigation is a Law Enforcement Body and has 6 Duties and Functions to perform. They are –

(a)      Scrutinizing Work

(b)     Investigation

(c)      Submitting legal opinion on cases

(d)     Sending up to the count and prosecution

(e)      Collecting and submitting intelligence

(f)      To cooperate for the peace and tranquility of the State and rule of law.

Activities conducted by the Bureau of Special Investigation