Suppression of Corruption and Bureau of Special Investigation

Myanmar has suppressed corruption effectively since 1948. Myanmar enacted The Suppression of Corruption Act in 1948 and formed the Public Property Protection Committee and Public Property Protection Police-p4.

The Special Investigation Administration Board and Bureau of Special Investigation Act, 1951 was promulgated and accordingly, the Public Property Protection Police was change into Bureau of Special Investigation and the Bureau is in change of investigating the corruption cases.

Before enacting the Anti-Corruption Law in 2013, the Bureau and the Union Attorney General Office did a great job in suppressing the corruption and joined the Southeast Asia Parties Against Corruption (SEA-PAC) on 14-11-2013 and ratified the United Nation Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) on 20-12-2012.

The Anti-Corruption Commission was formed according to the Section, 7, 9, 11 of the Anti-Corruption Law and President Office’s Notification No.6/2014 with chairman U Mya Win and 15 members.

According to the request from the Anti-Corruption Commission, Deputy Director General, 7 gazetted officers and 13 non-gazetted officers, all together 20 persons were temporarily attached to the Commission on 3-4-2014 to investigate corruption cases. 13 non-gazetted officers from the Bureau were transferred to the Commission on 31-1-2015 and 7 gazetted officers were transferred to the Commission on 22-3-2015. Until now ( ) gazetted officers and ( ) non-gazetted officers are attach to the Commission every 4 months.