Revolutionary Government of the Union of Myanmar (1963, January 14)

  1. (1) This law shall be called 1963, Public Property Protection Law.

(2)     This law shall be enforced at once.

  1. In this law, public property means money, stored property, facility or other property owned or transferred for use or stored by the following organization;

(a)      Military or

(b)     Union of Myanmar Revolutionary Government or any Local Authority or Board, Corporation, bank, other organization formed by any existing law or

(c)       Any cooperative association or

(d)       Following organizations formed by notification declared by Union of Myanmar Revolutionary Government;

(1)       Any association registered by Association Registration Act,

(2)       Any association registered by Section 26 of Myanmar Company Act,

(3)       Any public trust association,

(4)       Any other organization.

  1. Whoever commits theft, misappropriation or cheating of public property shall be punished with transportation for life or imprisonment for a term of not less than years and shall also be liable to a fine.
  2. Any offence under this law shall not be trialed by any court unless the sanction of the Union of Myanmar Revolutionary Government.

 Ne Win


The Union of Myanmar Revolutionary Council

(The amended provisions by 1964, Law Amending Public Property Protection Law has been included)